Refer-a-Friend Progam
"Could be a Soda, Candy Bar, Car Payment or More!"

We've heard it all before ... "Tell a friend and we will reward you greatly!"  Yeah, right!  ... With eGeekMD LLC we are breaking all the business rules and people are calling us "Crazy" or "Outta Your Minds" or other unmentionable terms that really make our Geeks upset.  This causes them to start pigging out at the refridgerator losing that hunk of a Geek body and putting them out of the running for our annual Geek Shots calendar.

We put cold hard cash in your hands so that you can spend it on what you want, not create credit with a company that should of already resolved the issues the first time around.  When we do repairs we back our work and many times our Geeks start to get lonely because they don't hear from people for several months, sometimes even years because their computer works perfectly and our Geeks fix everything correctly the first time around and leaves you tools to continue to maintain your machine.  Yes, they may not be as social but they are still great teachers with knowledge they love to pass on. :)

So How Does The Cold Hard Cash Work?

Step 1: Tell a friend about eGeekMD and be sure to have them tell us you sent them. (Tell them it gives them 10% off!)
Step 2: Our Geeks do the VoDoo they Do and you make 10% off their cost of Services. (We Don't Mark Up Parts)
Step 3: Once your friend makes payment ... Our Nerds in the Accounting Department Send you a check.

Once you get it, cash it, deposit it, throw it up in the air (and then catch it again) ... whatever! It's Cold Hard Cash for you letting your friends, colleagues, co-workers and businesses about us!

Some recent examples that we have paid out:
Business Service Contract $5,000.00 a year x 10% = $500.00
Complete System Cleanup $129.00 x 10% = $12.90
ITD (Internet Transmitted Disease) Removal $99.00 x 10% = $9.90

The Possibilities are Endless ... All because of you!  got geek? ... we do! and you can too!